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Have you heard of IGF-1? It's considered one of the hottest new trends in supplements on the market today!

IGF-1 isn't a top-secret chemical, nor is it a dangerous steroid. IGF1 is actually a natural molecular structure similar to insulin. IGF-1 is the abbreviation for Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1. Know in scientific circles as a polypeptide protein hormone, IGF-1 or Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 plays a vital role in childhood growth and stimulates anabolic effects (muscle building) in adults.

There are 70 inter-connected amino acids that make up a single chain of IGF-1. IGF-1 is a hormone that is produced when the liver is stimulated by human growth hormone. When levels of HGH rise in the blood, the liver responds by producing more IGF-1. These higher "bursts" spur growth and regeneration by the body's cells, especially in muscle cells. Increases in IGF-1 levels have shown positive effects on increases in muscle strength, size, and efficiency. When you do not have enough IGF-1 in your body, whether caused by disease, malnutrition or a hormone imbalance, your growth can be stunted.

The primary purpose of IGF-1 is to stimulate cell growth. Every cell in the human body can be affected by IGF-1, but cells in muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, skin tissue, lungs, and nerves tend to be most positively affected.

Several scientific tests have been conducted to determine the benefits of IGF-1 and thus have prompted companies to seek approval from the Federal Drug and Administration for substances that can increase the body's IGF-1 levels. Taken responsibly over time, products that increase IGF-1 can help improve muscularity and healing and recovery times. IGF-1 can also stimulate a decrease in body fat, an increase in lean muscle mass, improved skin tone and restful sleep. IGF-1 has also been documented to increase the rate and extent of muscle repair after injuries or strains. Not only do muscles recover more quickly, they also tend to return stronger and healthier than ever when levels of IGF-1 in the bloodstream are at their highest.

IGF-1 also has a positive affect in the aging process. It can prevent age-related degeneration of muscles, skin tissue and bones. Because IGF-1 levels tend to level off and fall rapidly when the liver is not stimulated by HGH production, these benefits are greatest when consistently high HGH levels are maintained.

Combined with other supplements and monitored responsibly, IGF-1 can be beneficial for those individuals who suffer from stunted growth or growth hormone deficiencies as well as those individuals who strive to be in the best physical shape possible. Athletes, bodybuilders and physical competitors around the world are learning all about the benefits of IGF-1 and implementing the growth hormone into their daily regimented workouts. Whether you are an athlete yourself, or you prefer to workout more than a few times a week, IGF-1 can be beneficial for you. Even if you aren't an athlete at all, but are looking to get as healthy and fit as possible for your own reasons, IGF-1 can be beneficial for you.

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