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Boost IGF 1

All the Reasons to Boost IGF 1

Gaining muscle mass is an interesting thing. Ask any personal trainer and they will tell you that your muscles work in an unusual way – when you work them out, they start to gain additional cells that help them increase in size and strength. However, once you are done with your workout, within a few minutes many of those cells start to die away – not all of them, mind you, but enough of them that you will likely need to work out several more times for several more weeks to permanently regain the cells you lost from the first time that you worked out. Muscle is built by breaking it down first, so the loss of some cells is a natural effect when trying to increase size and strength.

So if there was a way to save those cells before they died so that even after one workout you could see some incredible results, wouldn"t you want to take it? Most people would, which is why HGH and IGF-1 supplements have become popular in recent months.

Boost IGF 1

One of the ways to improve the lifespan of your cells and ensure that they continue to stay on your muscles is to boost IGF 1 in your body. IGF, or Insulin Growth Factor, is a type of hormone in your body that both heals and increasing your cells. In other words, damaged cells become healthy cells, and new cells start to grow as well.

So I Boost IGF 1 – How Does That Help Me?

If you boost IGF 1 and do your regular workout, then when your cells start to grow on your muscles, the IGF goes into effect and starts to health them so that they don"t die off. The more you boost IGF 1, the more likely you are to save those muscle cells before they die. The end result is larger muscles and greater overall strength because the cells that you had gained did not fade away after you stopped the workout.

There are so many other health reasons to boost IGF 1 that many articles and studies have been devoted to exploring its numerous health benefits. But even if all you are looking for is a way to make your workouts better, one of the best ways to do that is to boost IGF 1, and one of the only places to find a successful and safe IGF 1 booster is at

Sytropin is a completely safe way to boost IGF 1 that will help increase your muscle mass as well as your overall health, all by taking a simple oral HGH spray.