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IGF-1 Benefits

Many people today are talking about the incredible benefits of IGF-1, otherwise known as deer antler velvet. This all-natural supplement is particularly popular in athletes and fitness enthusiasts who share the goal of building muscle mass. While this ingredient has been known to provide incredible muscle-building benefits, it also has other health benefits that athletes and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy. Taking time to learn about this supplement is essential to finding a supplement that works naturally and effectively with the body.

A Boost in HGH Levels

Many supplements on the market today do claim to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with muscle building efforts by boosting HGH levels. HGH is the hormone that the human body releases during periods of rapid natural growth and development. Taking supplements that boost HGH production can promote muscle-building efforts. Yet some supplements are synthetic and create a range of unpleasant side effects. IGF-1 is a natural hormonal supplement that is found in the velvet of deer antlers. It promotes incredible and rapid growth in antlers, and it has been shown to provide the same high level of growth as HGH because it works the same way in the human body. IGF-1 is actually produced naturally in the body when there are high levels of HGH.

The Many Benefits of IGF-1

This particular all-natural ingredient has been shown to promote muscle-building efforts in the same way that natural HGH does. It provides these results without creating unpleasant side effects in the body, which allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to continue on with workouts unhindered by negative side effects. This ingredient also has many other positive effects in the human body such as improving athletic performance, promoting recovery, increasing energy levels and stamina, and promoting aerobic capacity. More than that, it also been shown to promote enhanced sexual function, promote weight loss, and boost the metabolism.

New Developing Research

In addition to the many benefits of IGF-1, scientists have recently discovered that small, effective doses of IGF-1 can stimulate the hair follicles and help to reverse hair loss. The trial tests have shown greater results than many current oral and topical methods used for hair growth.

Finding a Supplement to Take

After fitness enthusiasts and athletes have taken the time to learn more about the incredible benefits this ingredient provides, finding a healthy, safe supplement containing this ingredient is a key goal. AntlerX is among the most popular deer antler products on the market today because it contains a potent level of this natural ingredient as well as other healthful ingredients in a convenient spray formula. Further, is a supplement that is available over-the-counter in the United States and that offers a 90 day risk-free trial. Fitness enthusiasts will want to try a deer antler supplement out to enjoy its many healthful benefits for themselves.