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IGF1 Product

Athletes inevitably notice the start of performance decline once they pass a certain age and the human growth hormone in their systems stops being capable of encouraging large amounts of new muscle growth. Some athletes interested in maintaining peak performance after this point turn to dangerous substances like steroids that enhance performance while causing unwanted side effects. An IGF1 product is a performance enhancing alternative that is completely safe, legal, and side effect free.

How An IGF1 Product Works?

Human growth hormone helps children and young adults grow the muscle they need as they grow up. Many athletes notice their best performance levels when they are young enough that the HGH within their body is still being readily produced and used. IGF1 is a byproduct of HGH that helps HGH work its best while providing all of the same basic benefits that HGH can provide. An IGF1 product can help athletes looking for a way to keep performance at peak levels once HGH starts to decline stay competitive as they continue to age.

What An IGF1 Product Can Do?

Studies show that IGF1 is capable of providing all of the same benefits that HGH can provide while also improving the way basic HGH works. People of any age will notice an increase in lean muscle mass with regular IGF1 product use alongside a healthy lifestyle and athletic activity. IGF1 is also linked to improved muscle healing, increased endurance, and improved immune system function. Athletes who use IGF1 tend to notice significant improvements in the growth of new muscle, the strength of the muscle that grows, and the ability of that muscle to heal itself after workouts.

The Best Source of IGF1

Athletes looking into an IGF1 product will be well served to find a natural source of IGF1 that is known for producing no side effects or problems. The best source of IGF1 is the antler velvet from a specific type of deer native to New Zealand. Deer antler velvet harvested from New Zealand deer contains a steady amount of IGF1 that allows product makers to provide an option with a predictable dosage that also comes with nutrients and amino acids useful for muscle growth and athletic performance.

AnlterX is a natural IGF1 product made from New Zealand deer antler velvet. AntlerX is one of the most effective options for athletes interested in a safe and effective IGF1 supplement. Try AntlerX risk free for 90 days at to find out what peak performance can really mean.