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Increase IGF 1

Benefits of Increasing IGF 1

Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) has a lot of benefits. Perhaps its most unappreciated benefit is the effect it has on your wrinkles.

When you increase IGF 1 in your body, you are adding a chemical that your body can really use. IGF 1 is able to help heal your damaged cells – cells that damaged over time as a result of aging and ill health. This means that your heart will be stronger, your muscles will be bigger and your brain will be sharper. It is no wonder that so many people have heard of all the reasons to increase IGF 1.

But another reason to increase IGF 1 is its effect on your wrinkles. When the factor goes to work, it starts to heal all the damaged cells in can find. One of the places on your body to find the absolute most damaged cells is in your skin, where years of aging and environmental damage have caused your skin to degrade in a large number of ways. This causes wrinkles, among other things, and as you continue to age your skins continues to age with you.

Increase IGF 1

That is, unless you increase IGF 1. If you increase the amount of IGF 1 in your body, you are helping to save your dying skin cells and even grow more skin cells in areas where most of the skin cells had long since degraded. The end result is fewer wrinkles and an overall better life, health and brightness to your skin – something you may not have seen since your youth.

However, if you hope to increase IGF 1, you need to do it soon. The FDA is going through the approval process for a few pharmaceutical medicines that are expected to use the formula to cure a few disease. Once they do that, IGF will no longer be allowed to be sold to every day individuals without a doctor's approval. Therefore, if you want to increase IGF 1 levels in your body, you need to do it soon before the FDA passes that judgment.

One of the best ways to increase IGF 1 in your body is to use a product known as Sytropin which has a long history of being able to improve your IGF levels incredibly safely, as well as remove wrinkles and other physical signs of ill health. Plus, the product is incredibly convenient, able to fit in your pocket and easily take on a daily basis.