IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger
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IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger

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Where Can I Buy IGF-1 or Human Growth Hormones?

The use of human growth hormones and IGF-1 is increasing in popularity and is becoming more common everywhere in the world. It's the latest trend in herbal and natural enhancements for professional athletes and celebrities. Because the use of natural human growth hormone supplements has been researched extensively and there are no known side effects to be recorded, many nutrition and vitamin companies are now offering human growth hormone products to the masses.

Until recently, human growth hormones were only available in the form of an injection and were extremely expensive. This was due, in part, to the elaborate means in which the product was manufactured. After much research and experimentation with different ingredients, human growth complex formulas containing IGF-1 as a main ingredient were subsequently developed. Scientists and other nutrition researchers are thrilled about the potential of human growth hormones and IGF-1 because they know these natural occurring substances have the ability to heal and improve the human body at high levels.

Some scientists believe, in addition to all of the physical benefits IGF-1 and human growth hormones provide, that taking human growth hormone supplements may also help prevent and treat the effects of brain aging and other diseases. These diseases may include any type of brain injury, stroke or cell degeneration in the brain. Because of these reasons, IGF-1 and human growth hormone supplements have become readily available to the public.

You can now purchase human growth hormone products and IGF-1 supplements on line. Some nutrition and vitamin stores may carry some form of human growth complex as well. IGF-1 comes in sprays, tablets or lozenges, and is usually available in monthly supplies. The price for IGF-1 varies depending on the company you buy IGF-1 from. It is important to realize that, when buying IGF-1 supplements, you are buying a product that does not replace your own IGF-1 with synthetic IGF-1, but rather stimulates your body's production of its own natural IGF-1 and growth hormone.

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