IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger
Human Growth Hormone
IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger


What's the Difference Between IGF-1 and HGH?

There is a distinct different between IGF-1 (or Insulin-like Growth Factor) and HGH (or human growth hormone). Human growth hormones are commonly called HGH and are produced in the pituitary gland of the human body. HGH is continually released into our bodies throughout our lifetime. The amount of HGH that the body secretes naturally decreases with age.

IGF-1 is formed in the liver of the human body, and its production is stimulated by the presence of  HGH. Also know as Somatomedin C, this bodily chemical is responsible for many of the effects seen from HGH products and supplementation. These HGH products and supplements wouldn"t be as effective without IGF-1.

The way the body processes IGF-1 and HGH is as follows:
HGH travels from the pituitary gland through the bloodstream and attaches itself to the receptor targets on numerous cells throughout the body, especially muscle and liver cells. Once HGH has bonded with the receptor target, the liver cell begins to produce several messenger-like chemicals, which promote growth. These chemicals include the complex strand of protein known as IGF-1. The more HGH present, the greater the spike in IGF-1 production.

IGF-1 essentially carries out the job of HGH, meaning it is responsible for doing the action. While HGH stimulates the need for growth, IGF-1 is the factor that carries it out. In addition to stimulating growth, HGH also stimulates anabolic activity throughout the entire human body. For this reason, both HGH and IGF-1 are desirable for their muscle-building effects.

Combing IGF-1 and HGH together in supplement formulas or human growth complex products is the most effective way to produce desired results without injections. You can also maximize the effect of IGF-1 and HGH supplements by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising on a daily basis, to maximize the body's natural production of these key chemical messengers. It is recommended to add fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and to drink plenty of water. Keep an eye on your hormone levels and take HGH products and supplements responsibly.

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