IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger
Human Growth Hormone
IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger

IGF-1 Pills

Athletes all eventually end up struggling to maintain peak performance levels as their bodies begin the inevitable decline that comes with age. While there are many options out there for improving performance after an athlete has naturally peaked, only a few of those options are safe and legal. IGF-1 pills from natural sources is a completely side effect free legal way to improve athletic performance and ability effectively for adults struggling to maintain an athletic edge. Though IGF-1 Pills work, utilizing a spray will more efficiently provide a deliverable form of IGF-1 to maximize your usage and results.

How IGF-1 Works?

Human growth hormone creates a byproduct called IGF-1, which performs all of the same functions HGH performs as well as helping HGH grow muscle at a better rate. The best types of IGF-1 pills or spray use natural sources of IGF-1 like deer antler velvet to help athletes looking for a way to improve performance and muscle growth do so in a safe and healthy way. Since IGF-1 can do everything HGH can do, it safely and effectively increases athletic ability in adults at any age. Spray containing the velvet from certain deer provides a side effect free performance enhancing option for athletes at every level.

Why Use IGF-1?

  • Improve Athletic Performance - The right IGF-1 pills or spray will help an athlete improve athletic performance in many easy to measure ways. IGF-1 is linked to increased endurance and strength output as well as improved muscle healing times. Athletes who take IGF-1 supplements will notice a steadily increasing ability to work out longer and harder than they have worked out in the past with a faster recovery.

  • Build Healthy Muscle Mass - Studies show that athletes who use IGF-1 on a regular basis grow healthy muscle mass at a rate that is faster than those who don't. IGF-1 is one of the safest and most effective ways out there to grow new muscle in a safe and healthy way. Since IGF-1 interacts with the HGH that athletes will already have in their system, it can help muscle grow naturally.

  • Stay Healthy At Any Age - IGF-1 pills has been linked to many effects that can keep an adult athlete healthy at any age. IGF-1 increases metabolism to help get rid of fat while building muscle and it improves the way an adult's immune system functions. IGF-1 is also linked to a general increase in vigor and energy level for adults of many ages. Taking IGF-1 regularly is a great way for someone struggling to maintain athletic performance as they get older to keep the edge that person had during young adulthood.

AntlerX is an IGF-1 spray that uses completely natural deer antler velvet humanely gathered from New Zealand deer known for producing velvet with a steady IGF-1 level. Athletes looking for a way to improve performance, build healthy muscle mass, and stay healthy as they age will notice significant improvement when using AntlerX deer antler velvet spray. AntlerX is available with a risk free three month trial so anyone interested in a safe and side effect free way to improve athletic performance can try it. Find out more about AntlerX at

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