IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger
Human Growth Hormone
IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger

IGF-1 Receptor

It All Comes Down To Science

Science is what makes the world go 'round or, in this case, it's what helps us understand the way the human body works. Scientific studies on IGF-1 and the benefits of human growth hormones have proven that the human body can be enhanced and remain physically fit even after the onset of aging.

Numerous scientific studies have led to the discovery of the way in which IGF-1 and human growth hormones interact throughout the body. It's a scientific fact that there are a number of hormones, which help regulate lifespan, some which possess components of insulin or insulin-like signaling pathways. These pathways are also known as receptors. Receptors are proteins located on the cell membrane or within the cell nucleus that binds itself to another specific molecule or neurotransmitter. An IGF-1 receptor is responsible for signaling the need for cell growth, repair and reproduction.

To give an example of how cell growth can only happen when an IGF-1 receptor is present, consider cancer. Cancer is a disease in which cells multiply and grow at an aggressive level. In order to grow, a cancer cell must have the IGF-1 receptor. If it does not have the IGF-1 receptor, it will not grow. This understanding has furthered scientific exploration of the disease and possibly IGF-1 receptor blocking agents.

Science has given us the ability to look further into the way the human body functions. Because of scientific strides and discoveries regarding human growth hormones, we can take what we have learned and use it to our advantage. Understanding IGF-1 and the way at which an IGF-1 receptor functions is a key factor to making further scientific breakthroughs in nutrition, dietary supplements and physical fitness.

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