IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger
Human Growth Hormone
IGF-1: Look and Feel Younger

What is IGF 1?

I have worried about my health for a long time. I look in the mirror and I see my face starting to wrinkle, my muscles starting to melt away, and my eyes starting to lose their perk. All of this is due to aging, and aging is due to the cells in your body starting to get old. Eventually, they will no longer be able to reproduce themselves, because they will be so damaged that they can no longer split and create new and better cells to help me look and feel younger.

Luckily, there is a way to stop this aging process and possibly reverse it with Insulin Growth Factor 1.

About IGF-1

If you are wondering what is IGF 1, don't worry, you are not alone. Most people haven't heard of it because it is currently going through an FDA approval process for becoming the cure for a few diseases that are also due to aging. But once they pass you will not be wondering what is IGF 1 for long, because the results of using it are going to be so huge that it is bound to make a big hit across the country.

What is IGF 1 is a tough question to answer, but for starters you should know that it is a hormone in your body that you have a lot of when you are young (but slowly lose as you age) that helps your cells re-grow and prevents them from aging.

Aging Cells?

Every cell in your body ages. As it does, it is unable to get the nutrients it needs and eventually evaporates. Usually new cells are created in its place, but when you get older you have less of the hormones necessary to help your cells reproduce.

IGF 1 looks to solve that problem. IGF prevents cell loss and improves cell health, and also provides you with the resources you need to grow more cells in the areas that they used to be. The result is more, healthier cells that are able to withstand time better and keep you looking and feeling younger.

If you want to know 'What is IGF 1?' the best place to go is towards a product known as Sytropin that uses IGF 1 to help solve almost all of life's health problems that result from aging. Sytropin is one of the only supplements that improves your IGF 1 Levels and helps your body look and feel better with no side effects and no prescription.

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