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Online IGF 1

Why to get Online IGF 1 Right Away

Insulin Growth Factor has shown itself to be so effective that its popularity as a supplement has skyrocketed among fintess enthusiasts. Most IGF-1 products are classified as supplements (not medication) because they work to stimulate increased HGH/IGF-1 production, not replace it. Prescription medications are heavily regulated, and can currently only be admnistered via injection.

So long as an IGF-1 product does not contain prescription ingredients or require a prescription, it can remain available to the public as a dietary supplement. There has been some pressure put on the FDA to re-classify all HGH and IGF-1 stimulating products as medications. If that happens, however, the cost and difficult in getting IGF-1 products is going to skyrocket. If you want to get the factor now, you need to get online IGF 1 as quickly as you can.

There are several websites dedicated to selling supplement versions of IGF 1 online to people that are looking to both reverse the signs of aging and improve their muscle strength. Online IGF 1 available for purchase without a prescription is different than the kind you will get from the pharmaceutical companies, but the FDA has a rule: Once it has approved of something for medicinal use, it can only be provided by those licensed to give out medicine. This is why IGF-1 supplements are a welcome alternative for many people.

Ordering IGF-1 products online now is a good idea. You want to get online IGF 1 when you have the chance, and not wait until it is too late. To order online IGF 1 from one of the most trusted names in both anti–aging and performance enhancement, visit